The Wise

“There are now fewer than a thousand spellcasters known in the world. Of those, fewer than half are truly among The Wise. This is the legacy you carry with you, Tessarind: we are dying out.”
~Niccodemus the Long Shadow, Headmaster XXIII of Crenshin College, Keeper of the Emerald Spire.

Graduates of Crenshin college’s rigorous training invariably enter into the ranks of the Wise, a gathering (some would say brotherhood) of the greatest magi the races of men and dwarves have produced. While many elven magi receive Crenshin instruction, none has ever been elevated to the ranks of the Wise. Speculations abound, but it is known that Crenshin trained elves rarely stay within their own communities, and fewer than one in ten elves with “the spark” ever enter the college’s walls, often preferring to train in their own traditions. There is little consensus and much speculation as to the numbers of elven arcanists in “the wilds”.

Many a king, queen, prince or potentate petitions for a Wise advisor, as well as many among the greater nobility. Notably, Pharaoh Sutekh I has refused to permit the Wise within the borders of Adaio, preferring Viziers sent to him by the Sultan of Day and the Caliph of Night.

Though their numbers dwindle, the Wise are often at the center of world affairs, though whether they are pulling the strings or merely recording events is anyone’s guess.

The Wise

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